Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22 2006

For all of you who love teaching your dog tricks, try out this link… http://www.idodogtricks.com/index_flash.html . This little guy has a lot of tricks to show you, so be creative. Here’s a few to try: sit, roll over, down, shake, fetch, play dead, jump, chase tail, stand, speak, bark, sit, wave, beg, dance, high five, spin…and don’t forget to try kiss. Pretty talented pup!
Have fun and enjoy everything you are thankful for this Thanksgiving!
Remember, changing your dog’s diet (read: feeding table scraps) is NOT a good way to show thanks to your dog. Even the slightest change in a dog’s diet can result in diarrhea, which is no fun for you or your dog! A better idea is to take pup for an extra fun walk this Thanksgiving. You both will enjoy the fresh air and you will be able to burn off some of those extra calories! Try adding some training that your dog is already proficient at inside the house, such as sit, the name game or come when called while on leash. If you make it super fun (read: provide lots of excited praise and yummy dog treats as rewards), you both will enjoy this extra special time together that much more!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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