Where to purchase/adopt a dog

Sep 15 2006

Before starting your search for a dog, do some research. Read books, call trainers, research local rescue organizations. Do not make a spur of the moment decision. Make an educated decision.
Shelters/Rescue organizations– These are great places to start a search for a new addition to the family. Look for organizations that have a behaviorist on staff who will speak to you about the dog that you are interested in. Not all dogs are right for all families. If you have children, elderly family members, or other pets living with you or if you live in an apartment, you will need to narrow your search to dogs that will fit comfortably in that setting. Always include training expenses into your budget when planning to adopt a dog.
Professional Breeders– Research any breeder very well before purchasing a dog. Ask a lot of questions, and expect to answer a lot of questions. If the breeder seems to be probing into your life,…GOOD! You want someone who cares about the welfare of their dogs, not just a dollar amount. You want a breeder who is a professional, but not someone who mass produces dogs. Make sure they personally care for the dogs in a home environment, not a kennel situation.
Friend or Backyard breeder– NO! NO! NO! Absolutely no one should be breeding their dog unless they are a professional. There is a lot of knowledge that goes into breeding. Anyone who is not in the career of dog breeding/showing, should not own an intact female or male dog. Absolutely all pet dogs should be neutered/spayed. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Pet store– NO! NO! NO! Pet stores are the absolute worst place to get a dog. Dogs that are sold in pet stores are typically mass produced in large kennels with little human contact. Pet stores are trying to make a profit from inferior dogs. If you want a purebred dog, go through a breeder instead!! You will get a more well-bred dog, professional guidance on the right dog for you and you will pay close to the same price. Now that you are aware of other options for bringing a dog home , there is no excuse for buying a dog from a pet store. None!

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